A Beginner’s Guide to Cyber Terrorism in India

Yoshita PhaphatLaw

A Beginner's Guide to Cyber Terrorism in India

According to the Global Risks Report 2021, the failure of cyber security will be one of humanity’s most significant concerns in the coming decade. With a sizeable internet population, India has confronted significant cyber terrorism challenges in the last few … Read More

A Beginner’s Guide to Ransomware

Srushti IyerCyber Security

In the last decade or so, cyber attacks have evolved tremendously in their size and impact. I am sure you would have come across the term ‘ransomware’ multiple times in newspapers and blog articles. Put simply, ransomware is a type … Read More

Magecart attack: All you need to know

Sammed AkiwateCyber Security

Magecart attack: All you need to know

According to a recent Kaspersky report, India saw an increment of 37% in the number of cyber attacks in Q1 2020, as compared to Q4 2019. While the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has increased our dependence on internet-enabled services, threats have … Read More