Now Check Your Personality On Facebook!

Arpan SinhaCyber Security

A new tool has been developed by Cambridge University that uses your likes to analyse your psychological traits, religious beliefs, & political opinions. Facebook assesses almost all your activities which includes the likes, shares, comments, amount of time spent on a page, links opened etc, and then designs and customizes target advertisements, but this tool developed by Psychometrics Centre of University of Cambridge only takes into account your likes and then produces a detailed result which looks like this:

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This tool called Apply Special Sauce analyses likes and then estimates your age, psychological gender, 5 major personality traits, intelligence level as compared to rest of the population, life satisfaction, political and religious orientation, education, and relationship status.

To test this tool log into Facebook and then click here. Clicking here will automatically assess all your likes and then it provides detailed result as shown above. 5 personality traits that it analyses shows how liberal or conservative a person is, how spontaneous he is, how competitive and extrovert he is, and also tells how stressed out or relaxed he is. It also shows some facts related to your personality. Though it might not give accurate results, the outcomes are pretty close to your personality.