Law and Technology Shake Hands !

Rachiyta JainCyber Security

We in India tend to believe law and technology are way apart but it looks like time is changing. Both law and technology are beginning to understand each other better. Law Commission of India took a leap into the cyber space by announcing its presence on the most popular social networking websites under the following names:

Facebook: Law Commission of India

Twitter: lawcomindia

YouTube: Law Commission of India

Not only this, Law Commission of India got a logo specially designed for this purpose.

Law-Commission-of-India-Logoimage source:

The Commission in its report said,

“A good percentage of urban Indian population are active on one or other social media website. The Law Commission of India would also like to be part of this growing trend In order to make its presence more prevalent.”

The report clearly depicts the Commission’s intention to make its existence felt at a wider scale and get a first-hand opinion of the public on its policies. Personally speaking, I believe the population prefers to be more socially active than mentally.  Being a critique of anything and everything on a social platform is the new “cool.”   When a stupefied comment pops over their screen such people work their asses off to understand it and when its beyond the capacity of their so called brains they save their ‘oh so precious social image’ by ramparting other like-minded people who are themselves barely aware of what they commented, thus depicting the world how mentally lethargic the world has become.
As long as we can keep such nonsensical revolution and opinions at bay by people who think they can change the world sitting behind their PC screens I believe with passing time this will definitely prove to be a positive change. It just depends how active the Commission stays because the drawback about Indian Government is that the zeal with which they begin the work never persists in the long run.  Time will be a better judge of that. For now we can just hope the good work continues.

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