5 Steps to Immediately take if your nudes are being used to Blackmail YOU.

Rachiyta JainCyber Security, Law

Sharing nude pictures over WhatsApp, iMessage and other sorts of messengers has become a pretty common activity across age groups today. What ordinarily follows these temporary (thought of as permanent) relationships is revenge porn which is the reason behind so many giving up and committing suicides. The pictures which were then shared voluntarily are now used to blackmail. If you or your loved one is a victim of such a crime please do not feel pathetic about yourself because people are there to help, you just need to ask for it. Please be bold and take the following steps:

1. Do not delete the message

If you are one of those who goes on like this :

STOP.! These messages are a very important source of evidence. By deleting these messages, you are destroying evidence.

2. Take a screen shot.

Often the accused uses fake accounts to blackmail the victim. In some cases, after the account is deactivated the chats are not visible as well. That is why it is best to take a screenshot as soon as you receive such messages. These screenshots are also helpful when filing complaints or gathering preliminary data for investigation. The screenshot should capture the time stamp along with the message.

3. Get Expert Help

File an FIR or contact the woman helpline service quickly. Often people don’t approach such services because of the fear of giving out these images or lack of adult help. Rest assured, these people are experts and they receive such complaints every day. Your photos will be dealt with confidentially. You may get in touch with us at contact@cyberblogindia.in or on our WhatsApp Helpline at +919340337396 to talk to one of our cyber crime specialists.

4. Do not give in to the blackmailer’s demand

No matter what the blackmailer says, do not give in to his demands because there is no assurance that he will stop. The only word you need to understand is ‘consent’. If you don’t wish to give it, don’t be forced to.

You will just make him feel more powerful and provide him with more material to blackmail you further.

5. Talk to a friend, family member or us

Give voice to your pain and talk things out with someone. You will be amazed by the amount of weight that lifts off your chest. You can also reach out to us on our contact details shared earlier and we’ll try our best to help you.

In any such case, your photos in these situations are dealt with on a case to case basis. This is not legal advice. If your photos are already shared on WhatsApp, a pornographic website, Facebook or any other platform, it is best you contact the police with adult help as soon as possible. If you are a parent reading this post, please support your child to take an action. The post has been made light for the audience to understand with ease.  Such cases should be held earnestly.

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