5 Steps to Immediately take if your nudes are being used to Blackmail YOU.

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Sharing nude pictures over WhatsApp, iMessage and other sorts of messengers has become a pretty common activity across age groups today. What ordinarily follows these temporary (thought of as permanent) relationships is revenge porn which is the reason behind so many giving up and committing suicides. The pictures which were then shared voluntarily are now used to blackmail. If you or your loved one is a victim of such a crime please do not feel pathetic about yourself because people are there to help, you just need to ask for it. Please be bold and take the following steps:

1. Do not delete the message

If you are one of those who goes on like this :

STOP.! These messages are a very important source of evidence. By deleting these messages, you are destroying evidence.

2. Take a screen shot.

Often the accused uses fake accounts to blackmail the victim. In some cases, after the account is deactivated the chats are not visible as well. That is why it is best to take a screenshot as soon as you receive such messages. These screenshots are also helpful when filing complaints or gathering preliminary data for investigation. The screenshot should capture the time stamp along with the message.

3. Get Expert Help

File an FIR or contact the woman helpline service quickly. Often people don’t approach such services because of the fear of giving out these images or lack of adult help. Rest assured, these people are experts and they receive such complaints every day. Your photos will be dealt with confidentially.

4. Do not give in to the blackmailer’s demand

No matter what the blackmailer says, do not give in to his demands because there is no assurance that he will stop. The only word you need to understand is ‘consent’. If you don’t wish to give it, don’t be forced to.

You will just make him feel more powerful and provide him more material to blackmail you further.

5. Talk to a friend, family member or us

Give voice to your pain and talk things out with someone. You will be amazed by the amount of weight that lifts off your chest. You can also reach out to us on +91-7832085146 and we;ll try our best to help you.

In any such case, your photos in these situations are dealt with on case to case basis. This is not a legal advice. If your photos are already shared on WhatsApp, a pornographic website, Facebook or any other platform, it best you contact the police with adult help as soon as possible. If you are a parent reading this post, please support your child to take an action. The post has been made light for the audience to understand with ease.  Such cases should be held earnestly.

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55 Comments on “5 Steps to Immediately take if your nudes are being used to Blackmail YOU.”

  1. I am an Indian n met an US lady online n she asked me to add her on whatsapp which i did.
    She chatted with me n asked my name pkace n photo of mine which also i gave

    Next day she asked for a nude photo of mine which j stupidly send again
    After that she started to blackmail me n told me if i dont pay her INR 3 lacs US$ 4500/- then she will send my pics to Indian Media n Television
    She has given me 10 days time
    I have no alternative other than ending my life if she really does
    Pls help me

      1. Hii.I send some of my nudes to a boy. Now he’s blackmailing me that he’ll viral the photos if I don’t have sex with me. Plz assist me in this. But I don’t want my parents to know of any of this.

  2. I am a Nigerian I got a message from a lady on instagram telling me she was going to pay me ₦100000 only if I could sex chat with her. Eventually I fell for it then she asked me to send a video of me naked in which I stupidly did, only to find out he is a guy not a lady he threatened to report me to my school in which they will expel me or he should send it to 85 guys in my school. Or I pay him today in which I haven’t pay him. Am so scared I don’t know Wat to do

    1. Hi Hannah,

      You must talk about this with your parents or an adult whom you trust. Along with this, this incident must be reported to the police authorities so that the accused can be put behind bars.

      Please stay strong and do not give up to his demands in the future.

      In case you need any further assistance, feel free to write to us at contact@cyberblogindia.in.


      1. Sir I’m in big trouble, my age 20, a women made a video call to me. It was a numbere i did not know. They were not dressed. She told me show your body. I showed up in my miainformation suddenly she disconnected call, then she sent me a video, it ot was a video of me with my body, then ahe blackmail me, it was a men who called me. He ia cheated me now asking gor money what can i do

        1. Hii bro i have also faced the same issue from a girl blackmailing me to send money otherwise she would post my nude video in all social media websites..i dont what to do now

  3. Hi a guy said he was an army man n started chatting with me .. which led to mature conversations n then sex chat … I did send him nude pics n videos but without my face … but now I got to know that it’s all fake . Now he says if I hurt him he will publish those pics to my family n frds . What do I do ??

  4. sir, i am in a big trouble i am 18 yrs old boy. 2 yrs ago i chatted with a house wife and she asked my intimate photos due to my foolishness and curiosity i sent my intimate pic to her. then i thought of my parents and then i unfriended her on fb and now she again came and asking me to do whatever she needs she is asking me to send more photos and go to her house etc. i cant cheat my parents any more. i dont know what to do.. she is blackmailing me that she will send those pics to my family members.. if she does so i will die… i dont have any other options please help me.. i dont have much dare to tell this to my parents or any others.. please help me very urgent … i cant hold this tension in my heart … please kindly help me

    1. Hi Bazith

      I have shared the contact details as a reply to your mail. Please get in touch with the number shared and we will try to assist you in the best possible way.

      Raj P

  5. i am a boy i had some intimate situations with my gf and one day one girl took screenshots of that chat and videos and blackmailing us. i dont know what to do.. she is blackmailing me that she will send those pics to my family members.. if she does so i will die… i dont have any other options please help me.. i dont have much dare to tell this to my parents or any others.. please help me very urgent … i cant hold this tension in my heart … please kindly help me

  6. SIr I am a teen ager and i am aged 17 and i am from India and i have some serious situations about my friend…the main topic is my friend named Subham is in a really big trouble and I don’t want my best friend to get in this big trouble….4 years back mybest friend had made a friend ship with an woman and had chatted with her and this woman was from Pakistan;according to my friend’s chat… and day by day their friend ship grew nearer and suddenly one day she asked my friend to share a naked pic of him and he stupidly gave her some three or four naked pics of him…but later then he unfriended her as he felt that it’sall insane and he felt like he is cheating his family and friends…..and after 2 years of this tragedy the Same woman requestedhim on his fb id and this time she had changed her name and send him his naked pics…at the time he again remembered the tragedy which was related with him 2 years ago….and then the lady blackmailed him for a blowjob and he denied this all then she threatened him that she would share this pics with his friends….but he blocked her and in surprise was that he came to know that…she was no lady but a third sex person from Pakistan,….who wanted him for a vulgar use….and then the person made a fake id of my friend using his profile picture and send friend requests to all our friends… and all did accepted his(the third sex person ) friend request and after accepting his request he started to send his pics to all our friends and all friends did informed Subham and him that is this all real and he as he was feeling really shy he regretted and requested all our friends to keep this matter between our friends…and the trouble was solved as we all reported the fake account on fb and the matter did all solved and a matter of fact is that Subham said that what ever the person wanted to do with his photos but he won’t do this vulgar things at all costs and subham blocked him….
    BUt now as we know that a enemity with a close friend is more dangerous than enemity with a fatal enemy…..so one of our friends named Sadanand has these naked pics of subham and he is blackmailing Subham cause one year before Sadanand’s pics with his girlfriend in room was leaked by one of our friends but we don’t know him/ her as the pic was taken by a girl who is our friend and now Sadanand has some miss understanding with Subham cause he always visited to the girl’s house in study matters or her parents were inviting Subham to their house as the girl is a child hood friend of Subham and bothof their families are likely friends and know eeach other since their childhood and Sadanand is now thinking that Subham has done this all with her help and so Sadanand is threatening Subham that if he doesn’t proves his innocency in this case and if he will out the real criminal then he wil publish all those pics in media…..and we two are afraid to inform this all tragedy to our parents..,cause if i inform to my parents then the character of my best friend will be down and i don’t want it at any costs aan not only that mg parents won’t allow me to be friends with him again if they wil come to know this all…..and if this all will cometo know to Subham’s parents then he will be dead….. sir i want to save my friends life and his character without harming our parents sentiments and without their knowing of tjis all…..and i want the other friend to be punished well cause if he would be our real friend then he wouldn’t do that type of shame less things and not only that all ourfriends are well concerned with yhis all tragedies but no one is coming forward for help leaving me…all are neglecting this……leaving me and as i have a good friend ship with Sadanand so i can’t abd my friend Subham also doesn’t want me to interfere in this trouble as he loves me a lot and doesn’t want to make me an enemy of Sadanand for his sake….
    So please sir i am humbly requesting you for some ways to get my friend to get rid of this trouble or we two are thinking to inform police about Sadanand…and his black mailing….
    So sir please can you tell me about the Indian laws of these types of situations and the penelty or fines or punishment withall the laws in a described manner…..
    Please Sir please save my friend….as you have helped all these persons above me and as you seemed me as an expert and kind so sir please help us a way out…….

  7. I need help my sister became victim of fake celebrity a/c the a/c holder edited her pic to the nude pic can u plzz help us what should we do

    1. Hi Sir,

      I am in critical situation. I was chatting with a girl on online dating site. After some days she told me to do live video call. Then we started with nude video and she recorded my nude video. In excitement and without trust I have done a great mistake. She is blackmailing me that will post video on social media. I don’t know what to do.
      Please help

  8. sir,
    i am an relationship with someone and i want to move on from him but when i was said him to move on he said he never let me go.. he blackmailed me for my nudes photos and said he will show everyone my nudes sir i m in very huge problem please suggest me. he cheated me and only used me he never agree to marriage with me and never agree to leave me

  9. Hi,
    I read your post. I need your help. A guy sent me a request on Jeevan Saathi matrimonial website. He was apparently from Texas. It was made by his Uncle. Anyways long story short I sent him some pics but not with my face. Bastard tricked me into sending them as he was away and wanted to feel close. Now he’s blackmailing me for 2000 dollars. please help me. I deleted the messages and pictures out of anxiety. what should I do?

  10. Hey,
    A week back a guy sent me request on matrimonial site jeevan saathi. He claimed to be from USA and was very much serious about marriage. Long story short things proceeded at an alarming rate and I sent him a couple of my nudes without my face. He has started blackmailing me for 2000 dollars. He has threatened to publish them if not paid. Please help me. Out of fear I deleted his messages as I was too embarrassed and humiliated for being so foolish and immature. Please help me. I thought of committing suicide but I dont wish to hurt my mother.

  11. I want help someone has my nudes..and he shares with everyone through snapchat…he saves the pictures and shows to everyone……i dont that my parents would know about this pls help

  12. Right now iam in Bangalore ,I was in a relationship with a guy ..now that guy is threatening to publish my private pics,he really misbehaves me a lot …now when I don’t listen to him ..he mentally harshes me al lot saying he will leak my photos

  13. Dear sir,
    Two days back I did a mistake by bringing massage girl to my home along with one male person. They made video while doing massage I. Which I was nude but at that time I did not find it what there are doing . Now I realized that the did video recording. What should I do now still now they did not approched me for money demanding. But now in very pressure and afraid of their future plan wether they upload in pornsites .. please help me sir ..my mind is not working now.. beacuase of my stupidy now in trouble.. please help me sir

  14. sir, I’m a 17 years old girl. when I was 15 I sent nudes to my friend, we were like more than friends. I intentionally stopped talking to him after I changed my school. I blocked him from everywhere but somehow he contacted me and was asking to get intimate, again. I ignored and blocked him again. He hasn’t blackmailed me till now. We arent in touch for 7 to 8 months. He tried to contact me but he couldn’t. He never talked about leaking nudes. What if he blackmailed me? what I can do? I can’t tell my parents.

  15. hi
    my friend sent her nudes to her boyfriend but somehow his friends got hold of those photos and are admitting it. we tried to solve the matter, deleted all the photos that we found in their laptops and phones but after 1 year it got posted on social media. the girl told her parents about this and they can’t fire an FIR as they are worried about their child’s respect. we still don’t who has the photos please help us

  16. I am very bad situation
    My uncle is balckmailing me he has my nude pics if i don’t listen to me he will show that pics to my parents
    I am very afraid
    I love my dad if he get to now about such pics he will never talk to me
    Plzzz what should i do

    1. Hi Vaibhavi

      Please write to us at contact@cyberblogindia and the team will get back to you immediately.

      Raj Pagariya

  17. Sir plz help me . someone is balckmailing and threatening me and saying that he will upload my nude video with a lady on YouTube which he recorded while on video call on watsapp which I provide him because of my stupidity and ignorance and daily calling me and asking for money and I paid him so much money till ..next I don’t know what will happen I’m so sacred and depressed by this incident ..if something happens wrong to me then I have no other option to live in this world..just because of my ignorance I fell in this trap..please take me out from this trap as soon as possible.. because its fare killing me inside ..day by day…I can’t tell to anyone my problem plllz for God sake …help me help me help me

  18. Hello sir…on 28 may night 1 callgirl offers me whatsapp video call, unfortunately I respond but she asked me to get naked …at the I was completely loss abt future consequences…next day morning she send me recorded video call and asking me to give her money…I gave her 10000 rs to delete that video still she is insisting more money… otherwise she is threatening me to upload video n photos on social media…sir please help me from this owise my career ,future will get ruined…I won’t do this mistake again in my life and will definitely prevents other’s too from such incidence… please help me….till date no evidence of uploading on social media and fake calls for demanding money also stopped… what should I do?

  19. A friend of mine received a mail with subject ‘your stolen nude pics’.
    It used a throwaway email id and said ‘Looks like your “secret” snaps got exposed, they are on this site’
    Can it be a threat? I opened the link, there was nothing
    Please reply ASAP

  20. My ex is having my nudes and is blackmailing that he will send it to my parents if I don’t talk to him… I’m in a situation where I can’t tell my parents… He has my parents number … He’s daily torchwring me saying if I don’t talk to him I will have to video call Him and please him or else he will send those nudes to my short tempered parents 😭

  21. I am facing a critical situation.
    I was chatting with a girl on online dating app after some time she asked me to make nude video call. Then i stupidly in excitement i started with nude video and she recorded my nude video .Now she is blackmailing me that she will post video on social media.
    Please help sir

  22. Hi Sir please help me
    I m in difficult situation right now. I was staying with my male friend for entire lock down, My marriage was fixed but we decided we will not do marriage now, we are just stying because we both are alone in this difficult situation We both are at our home , now he is blackmailing me that if you will not marry me i will send our photographs to ur home or ur in-laws home and ur brother, He always drinks and abuse me every night and also abuse my parent and sibling, now this is a suffocation situation for me, i am a strong girl i have done so may thing for my home but now in this condition i always think that i should attempt sucide, Only sucide can finish all probs ..Please guide me what will i do…please guide me

    Please sir please help me please.

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