Who governs the Internet?

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internet governance

By the end of last year, more than 5 billion people across the globe used the Internet. The fact that the world’s total population is slightly over 8 billion makes this statistic all the more staggering. When something affects us … Read More

A Beginner’s Guide to Cyber Squatting in India


A Beginner's Guide to Cyber Squatting in India

A domain name is the website address that allows visitors to find a person, company, or organisation on the internet. One may observe that every other company has a domain name, which sometimes becomes brands in and of themselves over … Read More

Cyber Squatting: What are we missing?

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Cyber Squatting: What are we missing?

Yahooindia.com, Googl.com, Amazn.com, Flipcart.com, and so on. All these websites look familiar, but does something seem off? This is precisely what cyber squatting is. We usually notice peddlers in road-side markets for selling rip-offs or first copies of well-known merchandise brands with slightly … Read More