Now Check Your Personality On Facebook!

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A new tool has been developed by Cambridge University that uses your likes to analyse your psychological traits, religious beliefs, & political opinions. Facebook assesses almost all your activities which includes the likes, shares, comments, amount of time spent on a page, links opened etc, and then designs and customizes target advertisements, but this tool developed by Psychometrics Centre of University … Read More

Buying or Selling A Second Hand Smart Phone ? Read this.

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India is the third largest smartphone market in the world and still continues to grow every second. People change phones every 6 months. Roaming around with the latest gadget has become the new definition of “cool.” With a smartphone in every second pocket, easily available buyers and in-numerous platforms to sell, it has also become the favorite accessory to steal. … Read More

These 5 bad digital habits you must avoid

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Nobody can ignore the fact that our generation is blessed with several technical advancements. These advancements have both pros and cons of which the cons are on rapid rise. It can be easily observed that several people have bad digital habits. This includes not just students or adults but also professionals working in this sector. With Internet of Things in market, gadgets will … Read More

Break a number Lock

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Manual locks are considered no good today. The presence of a locksmith at every corner of the street has made the task of getting a duplicate key child’s play. In times like these all of us have shown high level of faith in the fancy number locks. Not like we believe in what fancy locks have got to offer but … Read More