Nadeem Sharif v. State of Karnataka 

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Nadeem Sharif v. State of Karnataka

Nadeem Sharif v. State of Karnataka 
In the High Court of Karnataka
Crl. P. 7066/2017
Before Justice Rathnakala
Decided on October 06, 2017

Relevancy of the case: Bail application in a case involving the fabrication of fake VISA/Mastercard ATM cards

Statutes and Provisions Involved

  • The Information Technology Act, 2000 (Section 66)
  • The Indian Penal Code, 1860 (Section 34, 420, 468, 471)
  • The Passport Act, 1967 (Section 12(c))

Relevant Facts of the Case

  • The accused was allegedly fabricating fake VISA/Mastercard ATM cards. The petitioner supplied swiping machines to him. Thus, they were involved in cheating the original cardholders.
  • The materials used for manufacturing the fake credit cards, fake driving license, card printers, card writing machines and such other instruments were seized from the house of the petitioner.
  • The petitioner prays for the grant of bail in the present case.

Opinion of the Bench

  • The accused has already been granted bail and the investigation has also been completed

Final Decision

  • Petition allowed.

This case summary has been prepared by Nandini Gadgil, an undergraduate student at DES Shri Navalmal Firodia Law College, Pune, during her internship with The Cyber Blog India in January/February 2021.

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