What Is Digilocker and How to Enable It?

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Digilocker, as the name suggests, is a digital locker for all your e-documents that are issued by the Indian Government. After you enable it, you won’t have to carry all the paperwork everywhere you go. You’ll just need an internet connection and your registered user ID, and Voila! All your identity proofs, address proofs, and what-not’s are at one place, which only you can access. To share these documents you’ll just have to click on ‘share’ link provided against the document. For enabling it, you require your unique Aadhaar ID and a registered e-mail ID.

  • Key Features Of Digilocker
  1. Digital Locker of each resident is linked to their Aadhaar number.
  2. 10MB of free space in the locker to securely store resident documents and store links (URI) of Govt. department or agency issued e-documents. The storage space allocation will be increased to 1GB in subsequent release.
  3. eSign online service to digitally sign the documents online without using dongle. For details please refer to the e-Sign brochure available on the portal.
  4. Sharing of e-documents online with any registered requester agency or department.
  5. Download eAadhaar.
  6. List of issuers which have issued e-documents to residents and list of requesters which have accessed resident’s documents.

To Sign-up for the Digilocker type your Aadhaar number in the text box against “Please enter UID” and enter captcha code. After clicking signup button, an OTP (One Time Password) will be sent by UIDAI to the mobile number and email-id registered with your Aadhaar. Enter the OTP and click on ‘Validate OTP’ button. Once the OTP is validated the sign up and login is complete.


After you’ve signed up, a drop down menu will appear on the right where you can select what kind of document you want to store. After selecting the document type, upload it and fill in the short description. Only pdf, jpg, jpeg, png, bmp and gif file types are allowed. You also have to enter the URI (Uniform Resource Indicator) generated by the issuing authority (issuer) like CBSE, RTO Office, Income Tax Department, etc. This URI can be resolved to a full URL to access the actual document in appropriate repository.

11006105_10203353932631645_1250069707_nThis is how URI’s look like:  11022943_907182059304006_951072565_n

Now whenever you have to show up with some document, digilocker is at your rescue. Just log in and share the document and you’re done.


Click here to sign up today.

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