Why start using VPNs?

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Gone are the days when internet privacy was surfing the internet with your doors locked and no one watching you. The internet is becoming more open by the day. This has enabled hackers, ISP’s, services like google and Facebook to monitor all your activities from clicks to search queries. VPN is not the ultimate solution but It is no longer … Read More

Right to be forgotten: Origin and Indian scenario

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Right to be forgotten: Origin and Indian scenario As promised in a previous post, this post is all about “the right to be forgotten.” The question which first pops up our head is when and where did this first originate? We all wish to be remembered for our work and noble deeds. In our own ways we try to achieve … Read More

Six Tips for Windows Security

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Six tips for Windows Security Turn on family safety, turn on the firewall, turn on automatic updates, use a genuine copy of windows and software and use strong passwords (Oh my! like they are so safe). You might just look around on the web for some windows security tips and measures and find all these things written. It is important to … Read More

Google Privacy Policy – Nuance between Good and Bad

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Google Privacy Policy – Nuance between Good and Bad In our everyday life it bemuses us if someone knows our name while we don’t know a thing about them.  Ever wondered how it would be like if someone just knocked up at your door one day and goes on telling your name, address (obviously that’s where he is standing), work … Read More

Cyber Security Threats in 2015 – The Indian Story

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Cyber Security Threats in 2015 – The Indian Story There is a lot of buzz about what is going to happen in the year 2015 in the cyberspace. As far as technology goes, we are definitely hitting the cloud big time, newer credit card technologies, better encryption, new backends and more secure systems. And when we talk about crime there’s a … Read More

Minimum Age to Use Social Networks in India

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Minimum Age to Use Social Networks in India Inspiration for this work comes from the nation’s one of of the best cyber crime experts and guide, Mr. Rakshit Tandon. It was actually under his guidance that the original excerpt of this post was written. He is by far one of the most popular faces of cyber awareness and the fight … Read More

Network Sniffing and Security Measures

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Network Sniffing in Detail and Security Measures Sniffing is a common word in the everyday tongue. How about Network Sniffing as a cyber security jargon? Most of the people who are into this field know about this concept of sniffing. Let us get to understand what it really is, from the scratch. It is the most commonly used trick you … Read More

Digital Evidence Law India and all about Anvar v Basheer

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Digital Evidence Section 65 Indian Evidence Act

Digital evidence acquisition is a very complex task because of the nature of digital evidence. If we were speaking only one side of the coin, we would just end up there, the forensics, technology and woohoo’s of acquiring evidence by forensics. Won’t you believe that only half the battle is won? The law about digital evidence varies from country to country. As … Read More

Windows Artifacts and Forensics- The Cyber Blog India

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Windows Artifacts Forensics Artifacts.. Sounds like what? Let us leave to the thought. Why artifacts are important? * 91.8% traffic comes from computers using Windows as their Operating System. * As an examiner or a practitioner, most likely you will encounter a system that runs Windows. Artifacts, Technically speaking for an examiner are the mines he can mint for data. … Read More

The Cyber Forensics Guide

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Cyber Forensics Timeline

 The Cyber Forensics Guide Cyber Forensics is a subject which does need some explanation and digging to do. To begin with, you must have that analytic bandwidth in you. For these purposes you must master over reading the bits 0’s and 1’s of the computer and the Boolean Logic. Having said that, it is not a child’s play to carry on … Read More