How to become a Cyber Forensics Expert in India?

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How to become a Cyber forensics expert in India? A question many seek answer to, those who are starting out routinely ask about how to start a career in Cyber Forensics. And as per Rob Lee, these individuals vary from completely inexperienced to those with 15 years experience in the Computer Science of Information Security vertical. Here are some questions … Read More

Tips To Make Your Online Transactions More Secure

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  We find threats everywhere on the internet, but the most daunting ones include insecurities to your online transactions. Many criminals in the cyber world are looking to get access to your credit card details, or your net banking passwords. There are a plenty of things about which you ought to be vigilant to avoid such a mishap. Here are … Read More

What can someone with access to your Email do?

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How hackable are you? Well the question is when will you be hacked, not if. What breach awaits you at the middle of the night, you never know. From your end however it is important you use the everyday new features like two factor authentication and more. Many web based email systems provide you with lots of cloud storage sometimes … Read More

Automate proxy changing on Windows

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In a college or a workplace where you have to use a VPN via proxy or a proxy server to surf the internet? But when you come back home you need to disable the proxy again to use your home Internet? Go to your Internet Settings, then the connections tab and then click on LAN Settings, type the proxy, check … Read More

Autobiography of Section 66A of the IT Act,2008

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Hearing and reading a lot about Section 66A of the IT Act ? If you’re from a legal background I am sure you would have understood, but if not you must be rolling your eyes at the screen. Don’t worry, I Section 66A of the IT Act, only a living memory now am here to tell a little autobiography so … Read More

How to Secure Your Instagram Account

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There might be a very few Android or iOS users who haven’t ever used Instagram. It has over half a billion active users across the globe. Unfortunately, 80% of the users take the security issues related to social networking sites very casually. So here’s why you should be concerned about such risks: Avoid Getting Personal Information Stolen: Your personal information … Read More

Net neutrality in India and What is it?

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Net neutrality has been one of the biggest questions in the recent times as far as the United States is considered. If you are updated, US got its net neutrality rules approved by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) which is something like TRAI is in India. How it was dealt with in the US was very effecient where public discussion … Read More

USB Type C: one cable for all your needs!

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The faster and smaller USB port is here, which doesn’t only transfer data but charges your laptop and monitors, as well. The new USB connector is ready for the market and the announcement of the new MacBook has elevated its demand. The new type means there’s a lot for smartphones, tabs, and even your PCs from faster data transfer, to quicker charging. … Read More

Yahoo’s New Security Feature – Yahoo or Boohoo ??

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  We all have an account on Yahoo, no matter functional or not! While everybody seemed to be making a leap in the security sector, Yahoo was sitting with hands folded, but not anymore. Yahoo has finally taken a step to improvise security features. Gone are the days of security question. Now we are expected to remember the most complicated … Read More