WikiLeaks Unveils Poor Password Practice From Sony Hack

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Once again, Sony Pictures is facing a security compromise, and this time it isn’t a North Korean replying to “The Interview.” WikiLeaks has uploaded over 30,000 documents and over 100,000 emails curtailing from last year’s cyber attack on Sony Pictures. It is pretty embarrassing for such a leader in the entertainment industry to not use secure password practices. In fact they … Read More

Online Security Moves a Step Ahead

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So many people around the world have not yet stopped gaping at two factor authentication process while a US based start-up company uQontrol has already introduced a three factor authentication and taken online security to an all new level. Physically the Qkey is similar to a usb stick with an embedded EMV chip (as used in credit cards and debit … Read More

Computer and Internet Ethics

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When we talk about “ethics” we refer to attitude, values, beliefs and habits possessed by a person or a group. The sense of the word is directly related to the term “morality” as Ethics is the study of morality. Meaning of Computer Ethics It is not a very old term. Until 1960’s there was nothing known as “computer ethics”. Walter … Read More

How To Remove Duplicate Files On A Computer

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Ever worried about removing those annoying duplicate files created while copying or moving something? If yes, then you’re at the right place. It is very difficult to manually find these files, and then delete them, so here’s a simple tutorial of how to remove these irritating files using Duplicate File Finder. There are umpteen number of such applications out there … Read More

Your Google Search History !

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Does deleting your browser history give you a sigh of relief? Think again. Google maintains a track of all your history since your first search.  This does make almost everybody think twice because at some point or the other we all have searched about stuff we don’t want anybody to know. With these few steps you can clear all your … Read More

Password cracking that bypasses any bruteforce

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Interesting, is it? You are in a mall shopping and have to login to your mobile banking portal for some reason. You go to a corner, face a wall and type your password. Wonderful! Nobody can see what you type and you are not worried at all. Think again now. No I am not talking about shoulder surfing here, come … Read More

BYOD: Bring Your Own Device

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Have you been using your personal computer to send work related e-mails? Or your personal mobile for making calls to your bosses? Yes? Well, then you’ve already been practicing BYOD. For who got a “No,” this post is really for you! Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) isn’t a really new trend, but it’s becoming more and more popular nowadays. Taking … Read More

Windows Login Theft

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When release of Windows 10 is just round the corner, researchers at security firm Cyclance have discovered a vulnerability which affects all Windows version, not leaving it outside the loop. The vulnerability allows one to steal usernames and passwords of millions of Windows user. The attack can be done by fooling a user to click a particular link which authenticates … Read More

Some tips to avoid Facebook Identity Theft

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Facebook is the most widely used social networking platform, and hence the most vulnerable one. Most of the identity thefts around the web happens through Facebook, thus you mustn’t hold your guard down for any reason. Here are a few steps that you should follow to avoid such a risk: Security Settings: The default security settings aren’t enough for you … Read More